QuoteVids 2.0 is here and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Are you looking for an awesome and innovative way to “wow” your customers and prospects, while increasing your close ratios?! Keep reading!

Ever since the initial launch of our crowd-favorite insurance sales and servicing tool, PowerPack several months ago, one of the tools included in PowerPack has literally transformed the way many agents are delivering proposals and customer service to their clients and prospects.

That tool is called QuoteVids and we just made it even easier and powerful for both you and your clients!

If you’re new around here, QuoteVids is a simple and innovative way to deliver video proposals and/or customer service videos to your clients and prospects. It takes a 5-10 step process and takes it down to 1 step.

Are you someone who wouldn’t consider yourself to be “tech-savvy”? QuoteVids was built for you! Simply login to your website and click record. No seriously it’s that easy!

Check this out!

We already know the power of video — it converts on average 50% more than other marketing mediums. QuoteVids brings the power of video right into your AdvisorEvolved website, allowing you to send impressive explainer videos to your clients and prospects without the hassle or technical barrier of using a 3rd party tool.

The feedback that our users are getting from their clients is nothing short of amazing.

Comments like,

Wow, that video really helped me understand the coverages better!


“For the first time in my life, I finally understand how replacement cost works. That was awesome.

Customers are literally blown away by the videos our users are sending out, and what’s more:

Agency owners are closing more sales with PowerPack and QuoteVids!



Quick facts about QuoteVids

  • super easy to use; simply login and press record; QuoteVids does the rest!
  • no per-user pricing; anyone in your agency can use it without additional licenses/fees
  • you own the video content, not some 3rd party host
  • video files are stored on your website and our server (very important for E&O purposes)
  • you can record your screen, face, or both at the same time
  • videos are automatically pushed to a password protected post on your site; just share the link and password with the client/prospect and you’re set!
  • browser based meaning you don’t need to download cumbersome programs to your computer
  • can be used with, or without a webcam
  • videos work perfectly on mobile devices
  • perfect for non-techy folks!
  • only works with Advisor Evolved websites

QuoteVids 2.0 Update!! Whoot whoot!

When we initially launched QuoteVids, it was somewhat of a minimum viable product. We wanted to see how agents where using it, and how many. After seeing a lot of success with it and getting some awesome feedback from our users, we’ve implemented several awesome upgrades into the tool, at no additional cost to our users!

Here are a few things we did to make QuoteVids even easier and powerful:

  • easily upload the PDF version of your quote into your QuoteVid so client can download it on their end if they want to also see it in writing
  • create buttons inside your QuoteVid that link to various pages on your site or other sites without fiddling with code
  • easily embed scheduling/calendar tool inside of your QuoteVid (or any other type of embeddable media like videos, audio, etc.)
  • QuoteVids now automatically pulls user contact info and displays a “contact card” for whoever is logged in using the tool (awesome if you have multiple agents logging in and using it)
  • QuoteVids video now loads in a super cool, responsive iMac monitor frame for some visual “pop”
  • Videos are now full width and load in a custom page template (no more sidebar displaying on the page)
  • mobile optimizations that make QuoteVids look even better on mobile devices
  • API adjustments so uploads are faster

Awesome! How much does QuoteVids cost?

The great part about QuoteVids, is it’s just one of the awesome tools included in the PowerPack add-on, which is $50/mo.

PowerPack is a suite of on-site tools that plugins to your existing Advisor Evolved website, adding innovative functionality to your site, turning it into a tool that you can use on a daily basis to close more sales and wow your customers!

If you haven’t seen it yet, go now! Just as many of our users have said before, it’s seriously a game changer for independent agents and advisors! We’ve been told by several people based on their success with PowerPack, that they would pay $50/mo for just QuoteVids by itself!

If you’re not already an Advisor Evolved customer, you can get PowerPack and our Core Plan for $200/mo, which is less than the commission you make selling just one household per month! Our platform is trusted by agencies nationwide, as well as associations and other agency advocacy groups!

For more information on our platform, be sure to check out our plans page! We look forward to working with you!

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