First, we you need to understand exactly what a true landing page is.

A landing page is a page designed with a specific purpose in mind — usually an offer or opt-in. A landing page is NOT a product page on your website. That is simply a “page”.

The point of a landing page is to eliminate decisions and distractions so that the visitor can only do one thing — take action. This means hiding your main menu, hiding your footer, sidebar, and other elements so there is nowhere to go, except to your offer.

All Advisor Evolved designs come out-of-the-box with basic landing page templates that you can use with the click of a button. You can hide the elements described above with the click of a button.

However, almost weekly, we talk to agents and advisors who have a handful of other domain names for niche products or lines of business that they want to use to generate leads with.

We also have talked to a lot of agents who are running PPC campaigns, who want a lead capture page setup that they can drive traffic to.

Our stand alone landing pages are perfect in these situations, and for when you have some other domain names that don’t require an entire website.

Like this one for PCRG or this one for StreetSmart’s niche trucking campaign.

During the setup process our team will work with you to setup your landing page including helping create sales copy, source images, create custom graphics and icons and more, so that whatever you’re selling looks professional and great!