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Core Website Plan

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  • Mobile-First Responsive Design
  • Conversion Focused Architecture
  • SEO & Page Speed Optimized
  • SEO Optimized Insurance Content
  • Highly Customizable & Brandable
  • One-Click, Built-in Landing Pages
  • Policy Service Center
  • Zapier Integration
  • Built-in Lead & Contact Forms
  • Advanced Form Logic
  • Unlimited Pages, Posts, & Media
  • Live Chat Ready
  • Customer Testimonials
  • PPC Tracking Pixel Ready
  • Niche Landing Pages
  • Comparative Rater Integration
  • Stock Images Included
  • Enterprise Grade SSD Hosting
  • Daily Content Backups
  • Uptime & Malware Monitored
  • Encrypted with SSL
  • White Glove Customer Support
  • Private Mastermind Access
  • Advanced Schema Markup

Our Platform is Trusted by Hundreds of Agents Across the Nation…

Mike Crowley, Crowley Insurance
"With AE, we have some seriously awesome tools that help us not only sell, but service our customers too in fun and innovative ways! We love it!"
Erin Kaiser, Integrity Insurance
"Advisor Evolved has seriously been a game changer for me and my agency. If your serious about your digital curb appeal, check them out!"
Elisha Cavanaugh, Sound Pacific Insurance
"We love our AE website and get compliments all the time from our customers and other agency owners!"
Todd Payne, Prosper Insurance
"When I needed to re-brand my agency name, logo, and website, Advisor Evolved delivered in a big way! Couldn't have done it without them!"
Nicholas Ayers, Better Agency
"We tried building our own site and quickly hit a wall. It was time to hire a professional, and take the training wheels off."
Andrew Muller, Mappus Insurance
"Our online leads have increased exponentially since moving to Advisor Evolved, and our site just looks so professional!"

Supercharge Your Website With Addons

Build upon your core website with addons and services from Advisor Evolved.


after $1800 setup charge

Core Website Plan

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This is our website development service. It's everything you need to build a better digital presence —all for less than the commission you make selling just one policy per month! Everything included is listed above. Setup charge is $1800, but could be more depending on project scope. We'll provide a custom estimate based on your unique project requirements. Schedule a demo call to learn more.


optional add-on

PowerPack Add-On

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This is an optional add-on for our websites. It adds game-changing functionality to your website like integrated video proposals, drag-and-drop case studies to show off when you beat a competitor carrier/agency, Facebook live chat capabilities, agency-facing training portal, mobile optimizations and much more!

*Our setup fee is non-refundable. If you have multiple websites, ask us about our Site+ Plan.

This looks great, how do I sign up?

Signing up takes place right here on our website and is very simple. Simply click the button below, and you’ll be able to sign up for our Core Website Plan in minutes by securely entering your credit card information on our website. Once you sign up we will send you an email with further instructions on how to get started with Advisor Evolved!

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FAQ's & Disclaimers

Why Advisor Evolved for your agency website?

Bottom line — website companies are a dime a dozen. But a website developer who understands the inner workings of your business and industry — who provides fast and honest support isn't.

Here is a great article on the art and science that goes into our designs, but bottom line — when you compare the cost (and aggravation) of hiring your own web designer, developer, graphic designer, and inbound marketing consultant to the cost of Advisor Evolved, you are saving literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with us.


We are a fraction of the cost of trying to piecemeal this together on your own and our platform, content, and marketing consulting is tailored specifically to the needs of independent agents and financial advisors.

We are also far less expensive than several of our competitors, and provide more modern, bleeding edge technology and design. Price aside, we are the complete, all-in-one package and give you everything you need to take your business to an entirely new level online.

What is the process?

What is the turn-around time?

Approximately 20 days, give or take from the date you submit your questionnaire.

After signing up, we will instantly email you an intake form that we need you to fill out, which gives us information we need to get started.

We can't get started until you send it back, so if you get busy and forget, or put it off, it will obviously prolong the setup process. That being said, our average turn-around time once we get the intake form questionnaire from the customer is typically about 20 days from start to finish.

How much work is involved on my end to get the new website setup with Advisor Evolved?

Outside of submitting your website questionnaire, hardly anything. This is why we charge the setup/activation fee.

You don't have to lift a finger as the process is completely "white glove". Once you sign up, we will inventory your existing website to see what content, if any, can be reused or repurposed on the new website.

The only thing you need to do is find the login to your domain account so we can take the website live when it's ready. After you sign up, we'll send you a link to gather some basic information about your agency and we'll get started from there.

We will ask for your logo file(s), individual headshots, and team photos if applicable. If you don't wish to display individual or team photos, you don't have to.

What does "white-glove customer support" mean?

With Advisor Evolved, any time you need help making updates to your site, all you need to do is simply email our support staff, and we'll hop on it faster than a shared internet lead. We are known throughout the industry for having blazing fast customer service. In fact, over 93% of our support tickets are closed in under 20 minutes!

We also have a helpful support forum, as well as a private Facebook group.

There is no shortage of support and help here! You're never on your own, wondering how to do something!

What does the setup charge/deposit cover?

Our setup process is not some automated, push-button process. It’s done carefully and collectively by our in-house tech team over a period of several days or weeks, with great attention to detail. It takes planning, communication with the client, and is often times a labor intensive process for our team that just takes flat out hard work to get right.

With that in mind, the activation/setup charge for our platform is $1800. We have an outstanding product that is trusted by hundreds of agents and advisors, backed by top notch customer support provided by real people who care about your success. Our pricing is a reflection of that.

The setup charge covers the entire setup, installation, and configuration of your website. It also covers the first 30 days of our service (meaning that your monthly billing cycle will begin 30 days from the date you sign up).

Some of the things we do during the setup/activation process are:

  • Crawl existing site to determine structure
  • Backlink Profile of current site (to maintain and improve SEO)
  • Content migration from previous site (images, text, links, menus, etc..)
  • Domain/DNS Mapping
  • Database/Hosting Account Creation
  • Initial SEO optimization of site & content
  • Content pruning/redirection
  • Analytics configuration
  • Social (Open Graph) integration
  • Live chat configuration (if you want that)
  • Training via Video Dashboard
  • Design/Layout configuration/setup
  • Various plugin configuration/setup

And although we do not host your email, we can point you in the right direction if you need to migrate away from your previous company or webmaster. We personally use and are a huge fan of Google Apps for Business (GSuite) for email and other tools. They are super reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive — kind of like us :)

During the activation phase our team will work with you to get your site looking the way you want, as well as helping you upload/migrate your content from your previous site (if you have one), and teaching you how to use the back end of the site.

(**Note: Our activation fee is non-refundable)

Why is there a monthly charge and what does it cover?

Most people understand that a website is not a "set it and forget it" expense. As digital assets, websites require regular ongoing maintenance to remain aesthetically and technologically relevant. To say that internet, marketing, and design trends change quickly would be a gross understatement, so there needs to be eyes on your digital investment at all times.

Our platform is a "SaaS" (software as a service) much like an agency management system. You pay a monthly fee to access that platform and use the tool and capabilities offered. If you stop paying, your service is turned off. Our service works the same way.

Some people ask "what is the $150/mo getting me? Simply put — it's getting you the website, the tool, the software, and so much more.

For more information on what a SaaS is, go here. It's the same pricing model that hundreds of other website development agencies and software companies use. It's nothing new, but some people who are used to paying a flat fee for a website don't understand why there is an ongoing charge.

People often assume that our monthly maintenance charge is only for hosting, but that’s not the case. For about the amount of commission you make from just one auto policy per month, it covers a lot!

Among other things, the monthly maintenance charge ensures that your website is technically sound and healthy, not just on the outside, but under the hood as well. As code, software, and security updates are needed, we make sure your website is upgraded and we are constantly monitoring your install, ensuring that your web property is safe, and functioning properly.

Here are the rest of the features that are included:

Website hosting (Enterprise grade SSD cloud hosting) — With Google making page speed an SEO ranking variable, it’s more important now than ever before to have a website that loads fast, both at the desktop and mobile level, otherwise other websites that are faster could receive priority over yours in Google. All Advisor Evolved websites are hosted on enterprise grade, SSD (solid state drive) cloud servers. Along with our custom server configuration and code optimization, our websites average sub 2 second loading times, which is tremendous in terms of page speed. This is not your bottom tier, shared GoDaddy hosting folks.

Data Backup/Archival — Each day, we backup and store a copy of your website, data, images, content, etc.., so if something crazy happened we can restore your site with the click of a button. With most providers this is an additional charge. Not here.

Website maintenance — Don't know how to code? Don't worry! Making sure that the code-base of the design and the various plugins installed are up to date is a big deal both from a performance and security standpoint. Because of our proactive approach, Advisor Evolved websites are always running the most recent versions of operating systems, and code.

Website training — Included in all Advisor Evolved plans is a robust video library of training videos that you can access with the click of a button. We've also been known to hop on Skype or a call with clients to walk them through an issue or question.

24/7 Security monitoring — we actively scan each and every install for hack attempts, and malware, so your site is always health and happy

Feature & Design Updates — unlike a freelancer who disappears after website delivery, we are constantly pushing new feature updates and improvements to our platform and products. This ensures that your website is always up-to-date both from a technical, under-the-hood perspective, and also from a visual design & functionality perspective. This is huge! A website that looks outdated or doesn't function correctly can reflect poorly on your business, and even negatively affect your SEO and lead generation efforts.

Paid Plugins — there are various paid plugins and software we use to add special functionality and features to your site. In the freelance world, you would be responsible for purchasing these on your own, which would be hundreds if not thousands of dollars in annual cost. Because we are working at scale, we can deliver these add-ons at a much lower cost to our users and build it right into our monthly cost.

Access to our design(s) — We've been told that our designs are worth the price of admission by themselves :) When you sign up with us, you are paying to have access to the incredible functionality and flexibility of our custom designs and technology, which have been proven to convert traffic into leads time and time again.

Customer Support— most important of all, Advisor Evolved provides state-side customer support from real people, who are here to help you. This can not be understated! You literally have a dedicated team behind you so if you ever need help, we have your back. This alone is worth the monthly service charge, and you’d have to be a client to understand what we mean.

Unlimited Marketing Consulting— Have a question about a marketing campaign? We're here to help, and have literally done it all from SEO to direct mail marketing, to Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and LinkedIn outreach. Unlike other companies that give you an hour per-month, or even quarter, we don't put any limits on your success when it comes to consulting.

Do you "do SEO" for me?

Yes, SEO is included in the cost of your site. Our websites are built to rank which is why most of them generate consistent leads without the agency owner really "earning", or doing anything to generate the lead. There are four categories that SEO is broken into. On-page, Off-page, Local and Technical.

We take care of the "On-page", "Technical", and "Local" SEO setup, however we do not do ongoing link building, or what is called "off-page" SEO.

As a part of your website setup, our team will take several steps to ensure that your website is more visible in Google. These include giving each page a keyword friendly page title, url, and unique meta description. We also optimize the content on every page of the website prior to launch.

We also submit sitemaps to Google for you which helps them understand your content and how your website is structured. We also have a Local SEO tool that includes local schema data that will help your site appear in local search results.

Here's a summary of what's included:

  • Keyword optimized page titles, body copy, and meta data
  • JSON Schema specifically for Insurance Agencies
  • JSON Review Schema (for yellow stars in search results)
  • All images optimized for size/speed and Geo-Tagged
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • Indexation optimization to prevent duplicate content
  • XML sitemap submission to Google
  • Google Local Business Optimization

Again, we do not do ongoing “Off-page” SEO for your website because SEO in the new world of Google is very much a game of content and copywriting, and we are in the business of web development and design, not copywriting. "Off-page" SEO is the practice of creating link-worthy content on your website that attracts backlinks from other websites, as well as other outbound link-building strategies.

We will show you step-by-step how to do your own "Off-page" SEO including where to go for quality citations, so you don’t have to pay thousands dollars per month to an SEO agency who isn’t doing much more than what you can do yourself with some basic instruction.

Do you keep up with Google's best practices for my site?

Yes, we are extremely in tune with what Google is doing from a search engine perspective, as well as what their ongoing quality standards are regarding websites.

We actively track algorithm changes, feature updates, as well as anything they recommend that will improve the visibility of a website in their search engine. Because our framework is so flexible, and we control our own code-base, we can filter in features and enhancements very easily when Google makes certain recommendations or changes.

Do I have to install or configure anything?

Because Advisor Evolved is a fully managed SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform (that gives you the ability to manage a powerful website and publish and distribute effective media content), there is absolutely no software that you need to install. All you need to use it is a domain name, web browser and an internet connection.

We do the rest when you sign up.

Is there any down-time when switching to you?

We build your new website on a staging/development server that only we (and you) have access to. Your existing site stays put, and when the new site is ready to go, we point your domain over to our platform and your new website becomes live. In some situations, depending on the TTL settings on your domain, there could be a slight delay in the new site appearing, but usually never longer than an hour or so. 99% of the time there is no down time at all.

Do you create content or blogs for me?

No. During the setup phase of a new site, we will often times install product-page content for product and services pages (Home, Auto, Life, etc..) if the customer doesn't have their own (or if the content on their existing site is not good enough), as well as setup and optimize the basic pages (About, Contact, Team, etc.). Outside of that, we’re not responsible for creating or managing page or blog content after the website goes live.

This means that if you want to add a new page, video, or post to your website, or move menu tabs around, you or a member of your staff would login to your website to do this. It's extremely easy to do, and we have quick-and-easy tutorials that will show you exactly how to do it.

If you can type into an email or Microsoft Word document, you already have what it takes to create and manage your content — it’s very simple to do, we promise.

Do I have to sign a contract? What happens if I want to leave?

No. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not make you sign any contract or agreements. Why? Because we believe that much in our product and service. Our system is billed to your credit card on a monthly basis, and if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

What’s more, your content and domain name are yours forever. If you leave, we can export your content (page/post, images, forms, SEO settings) and provide you with a backup of everything you need. (**Note: Our activation fee is non-refundable)

Will I get leads from my website?

Generating leads from a website boils down to two things — traffic and conversions. A technically sound, conversion focused website will absolutely improve your chances of getting leads online and we are one of the best in the business at that. Before that can happen though, there needs to be traffic.

A website by itself is not going to just reach out and grab cold traffic off of the internet because it’s a stationary object, like a billboard on the side of a road.

We are in charge of the billboard. You are in charge of paving the road so cars can drive by and see the billboard. In other words, people create traffic, not websites.

Just like a billboard has no control over how many cars drive by it, we have no control over how many people search for insurance in your area each month, and neither does your website. If you are viewing your website purely as a lead generation tool, you will almost always be dissatisfied.

You need a solid plan of action for traffic generation through either SEO (content creation and link building) and/or SEM (paid ads like Facebook or Google AdWords). Without traffic, it can be an uphill battle to generate leads so if you plan on "setting and forgetting" your site, you most likely will not get many leads. Of course, generating leads is not the only reason to have a great website, but obviously it’s always nice when you can get something back for the work you put in.

Do you track visitors and leads for me?

Your website will integrate with your own Google Analytics account, so you can see where your traffic is coming from and how much you’re getting. We will show you what to look for if you'd like, but we do not send monthly reports or track stats for you, that's completely up to you, but we will obviously show you how to properly setup your account and sync it with your site.

Leads are also stored/tracked in the back end of your site, and you will get an email notification each time someone submits a form on your website.

Do you build custom sites?

We realize that some agencies might want or require a 100% unique look so we do offer custom development. Custom website include an initial discovery consultation, full mockups/comps, images, custom graphics, etc.. Contact us for a more accurate estimate if this is something you’re looking for. The average cost of a custom design is typically in the $10-15k range. Custom websites are really more useful to agencies who produce unique blog & video content, have great images for us to work with, and are active on social media.

Is website training included?

Of course. Training is accessible at anytime from your account page and website admin dashboard. Training is delivered via easy-to-follow screen recorded video walk-throughs so you can learn at your own pace. Don’t worry, it’s very simple. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can manage your entire website with ease. We also have a user help desk where you can get answers to common questions, as well as network with your peers and other members of the Advisor Evolved community.

Who and what does my website integrate with?

Our sites integrate with any service or platform that has embeddable assets such as contact and lead capture forms, quoting engines, email capture, etc.. This means we integrate with a variety of email providers, CRMs, and AMSs like Better Agency, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, Hubspot, NinjaQuoter, EZLynx Rater & Customer Portal, PL Rater, and more (only raters and customer service portals).

Because agency management systems lack open/extendable APIs, we do not have a native/direct integration with any agency management system at this time. We can only embed their rater(s) or customer service portal(s) on your site. There is not an easy way to get lead data/contacts from your site into your AMS at this time unless you continuously do CSV export/importing.

I own a bunch of domain names for niche products or spin-off sites. What can I do with them?

Niche products and/or sites can be a great way to rank in Google, and funnel traffic back to your main agency website. We have a plan called the Site Plus Plan, where you can host multiple sites with us.

There are two version of the Site Plus Plan.

One is for hosting a full blow niche or second website in addition to your main agency site. The second version is for hosting single page landing pages in addition to your main agency site for use with a PPC campaign or if you just want a single page landing or sales page for any other reason that lives on a separate domain.

Contact us if you have interest in hosting multiple sites/domains with us.

Do I own my domain name? How does that work?

Yes. We don't host, or take control of your domain name or email. When we start working on a new site we launch it on a development url that only we can see and interact with. Once the site is ready to go live, we instruct you how to point your domain to our network. It’s very simple.

What if I wanted to have live chat, is that possible?

Yes. We can install any live chat application you want, but you have to sign up for it first. We have used several of them, and tend to recommend, which is inexpensive and easy to set up. If you purchase our PowerPack add-on, we have Facebook Messenger chat built into that add-on. The way it works is, you will have a chat icon on your website that looks like a Facebook Messenger app icon. When clicked, the visitor can type a question into the chat modal. You or anyone else in your agency who is an "admin" on the business Facebook page (for your agency) can read and reply to the visitors' message or questions through the business Facebook page Inbox.

You can also read and reply from your any mobile device where Facebook Messenger is installed.

What do I need to do in advance to prepare for the new website?

You would be surprised how many people we see who have no idea who owns their domain, where it's registered, and what their account login is. Often times, it's their current website provider who either owns the domain, or has full control over it. This is not good! No one but you should own or control your domain name.

This is by far the thing that causes the most delays with a site going live is us not having the ability to access the domain settings when the site is ready to go live. Moral of the story is, find out what your domain account login is ASAP.

We will also ask you for your logo file(s), headshots, and team photos that you wish to add to the website.

I'm not weighted heavily towards P&C. Do you do other types of insurance sites like Life & Health, Benefits, or Medicare?

Yes. We can build any type of insurance related website. It's just a matter of us installing the correct type of content, images, icons, etc. So if you're more of a Life & Health agency, or Senior Products, Financial, whatever the case is, we can definitely do it.

Will you take over my existing website?

No. For a variety of reasons, we will not take over or manage your existing website.

We are a Dave Ramsey ELP agency, is there anything special you can do for us?

We have a custom Dave Ramsey ELP landing page we have created that can be installed on your website, welcoming incoming visitors and helping you rank organically for your ELP status in your local market.

Do you allow server/FTP access?

No. We do not allow "back door" server, or FTP access under any circumstances.

I see you use WordPress, can I install my own plugins?

For many reasons, including security and performance, users are not permitted to install their own plugins.

We will entertain/review any plugin requests on a case-by-case basis, but we're already using many of the most stable, powerful, and flexible plugins available, all at no additional cost to you.

What makes Advisor Evolved different/better than other website companies?

You'd have to be a customer, or come over to us from a different platform/company to fully understand why we're better. We're so much more than just a website development company — just ask our current customers. We have amazing customer support, modern, results-driven designs, and unlike some of our competitors, we are not marking up and re-selling 3rd party, off-the-shelf WordPress templates.

We code all of our software in-house, so we have full control over our product and our platform is extremely user friendly. Many of our client sites get leads without the customer doing anything to generate traffic to the site. All of this cannot be said for many of our competitors, and we wouldn't know that unless our new customers told us when changing to us from them.

We have a meticulous approach to design and development and have a deep understanding of digital marketing in the insurance industry. A lot of people pretend to know what they're doing — we actually do. We have also reinvested 6-figures back into our platform in the last two years, so we are continuously updating our platform and adding features that are proven to help you succeed online and off.

Also, when you become an Advisor Evolved customer, you get access to our private, client-only Facebook group where we share behind the scenes marketing, SEO, and traffic generation strategies that other groups charge thousands of dollars for. Our community of customers is truly one of a kind, and is constantly helping each other.

I'm ready...let's do this!