Do you specialize in a speciality line of insurance, or some off-the-wall product and want to take it to the next level? You’re in the right place.

At Advisor Evolved, we can help you setup a niche insurance website so you can laser target your favorite line of business and corner the market.

Why niche insurance websites?

As marketers always say, “the riches are in the niches”, and this applies to insurance sales too. How many agencies do you see in your town who “specialize” in home, auto and life insurance?

All of them!

Differentiating yourself from other agencies when you’re all marketing the same exact products and services can be an uphill battle, both physically and digitally.

It’s much easier to rank a niche insurance product than it is to rank your website for home, auto, and life insurance.

It’s certainly not impossible, but when you try to rank for those products you’re competing against big brand companies who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO and SEM/PPC who can just out spend you and out rank you.

Focusing on a niche insurance product is typically a far less competitive venture, and as long as you have a strong cross-sell system in place, you can use your niche line of business to rank in Google, and back-door those customers into the home, auto, and life insurance sales.

Pretty neat right? Here’s an example of on of our niche website clients who offers Arizona Wedding Insurance.

Two Ways We Can Build Niche Sites

What’s more, Advisor Evolved has special plans that we created specifically for niche website projects.

The first one is called the “Site Plus” plan, which is where we build a full blown, multi-page website as the niche site (see example above).

There is secondĀ option called the “Site Plus Landing” plan, which is when you only want/need a simple, single page, landing page or sales page created.

To get started head on over to our plans pageĀ and take a look at the available options!