Keynotes and Workshops

More reasons why you might hire me to speak:

I speak your language

One of the reasons agents have a hard time getting started with marketing is because of the barrier that technology has created. I take complex strategies and concepts, and break them down into small, bite sized lessons, so agents can absorb it better.

I’m fluff-free

We’ve all seen speakers who are style over substance. They dance around stage, but when it’s over, what did you really take away from it? I’m here to give direct, actionable advice, not sell you something or tell you things you already know.

I’ll help you shorten your learning curve

Tired of trial and error nightmares, or playing the guessing game? I’ll give you an actionable step-by-step plan that will help your team get down to business.

What are some of the topics covered?




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Use the form on our contact page to submit your inquiry, and I’ll reach out to you asap. I look forward to meeting you! Thanks!

— Chris Langille, Founder of Advisor Evolved