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Okay, carrying on….to say that the word automation is a buzz word in the insurance industry in 2020 would be a gross understatement. I honestly feel like it’s been beaten to death for the past five years or so, and for good reason. Automation is extremely important in our industry.

Every agency owner near and far is looking for ways to automate everything from leads, to customer servicing, as well as internal team-related tasks. And why not?

Time is money, and if you can save yourself time, you can make more money. It’s simple mathematics.

While automation is a hot topic, for most agencies it’s also extremely complicated to wrap their minds around and actually implement.

The sheer amount of different automation software in the insurance ecosystem alone makes it very hard to understand.

Agency owners simply can’t figure out which one is the best one to go with for their agency.

What is the best automation tool for your insurance agency?

Be careful who you ask this question to.

There’s a lot of people in our industry who understand enough about automation to be dangerous, and can throw the word around loosely, but have never actually been inside of any software or built out any automations.

They’ll normally answer this question by saying “there is no “best” tool, it really depends on your agency”, and then they will follow it up by rattling off a dozen or so tools.

Pipedrive, Active Campaign, InfusionSoft are a few that people are familiar with and use.

Pro Tip: looking for a more complete comparison guide between different CRMs? Check this guide to CRM comparisons for insurance agencies.

This confuses agents and doesn’t really answer the question. It also sends people down a massive rabbit hole which wastes time and money. Sound familiar?

The truth is, there is “a best” automation tool for your agency. It’s the one that checks off all of the critical boxes, and more importantly, SAVES YOU THE MOST TIME.

After all, that’s the entire point of automation in the first place.

Figuring this out though requires understanding exactly what you are trying to automate, and who on your team will be using the software.

Know your weaknesses

Don’t just buy automation software to buy it, or because it sounds cool. It’s not going to help you unless you know exactly why you need it.

You have to take a look in the mirror as an agency and figure out where your weaknesses are, and how you can use automation to improve or eliminate them. Automation is not meant to replace every single internal process or task, it’s meant to augment and support them.

One of the biggest and most common use cases for automation in an insurance agency is lead follow-up.

What we know from years of doing what we do is this, most insurance agencies are terrible at following up with web leads.

If you aren’t getting 5-10 touches on a lead, there is a 95% chance you’ll never close that sale. The sad reality is, most people give up after just one call or email.

There are many reasons to use automation tools, but if you were only picking one reason to dive in, lead follow-up automation by itself makes the cost of automation software worth it.

When you think about the sheer number of opportunities that slip through the cracks of your agency in a given year, we’re probably talking about tens of thousands of dollars in lost recurring revenue when you factor in CLTV (customer lifetime value) — all because people in the agency are too busy (or simply unqualified) to follow-up with leads.

What’s more, when agencies do actually make contact with the lead, they do an equally poor job at moving that opportunity through their pipeline, and finally closing the sale.

One thing no automation software can do is sell insurance for you. It can get you extremely close, but it can’t bind coverage. You will ultimately need to be a salesperson and close the sale.

But the right tool will literally serve the sale up to you on a silver platter, and that’s precisely what the tool I’m about to introduce to you does.

The new automation sheriff is in town

better agency platform

About two months ago I was approached by a guy (Will Shaw) looking for a new website for his software company.

When I got on the call and found out what he needed the website for, and what he was building, I knew immediately that it would be a game-changer and help a TON of agencies simplify their marketing and consolidate many of the tools they’re trying to patch together to make things work.

It’s called Better Agency

And, it’s quickly becoming known as the best insurance CRM in the industry. Lofty statement? Yes…but keep reading and you’ll find out why I say this.

While Better Agency is new in the insurance space, it’s already light years ahead (and way easier to use) than nearly any other automation tool I can think of, and I’ve used them all from Salesforce, to InfusionSoft, to Pardot, and Active Campaign.

The major difference between Better Agency and ALL OTHER automation tools is that Better Agency was built from the ground up specifically for insurance agencies.

It consolidates many different tools (and monthly subscription costs) that agencies are struggling to use, and does some really awesome things. It’s the most important feature, in my opinion, as it saves agencies a lot of time because all of the automations and campaigns are already built ahead of time for the agency.

There is no thinking required, it’s literally all plug-and-play.

Second to lead follow-up, the second biggest thing agencies struggle with from our experience is creativity.

Agents simply can’t create content or write out automations.

They don’t know how to write good emails or automations. I’m in a lot of different Facebook groups for insurance agencies, and almost on a daily basis, agents are asking other agents in the group if they can see or borrow their email scripts and other creative assets.

They don’t know what to say, and in what order. That’s not a dig whatsoever. I get it. It’s hard, but Better Agency does all of that for you, so if you struggle with creating automations and writing copy, or you simply don’t have the time in your day to do it,  this is the platform for you hands down.

Solving the industry’s biggest problems

Better Agency solves major problems for insurance agencies besides just done-for-you automations. Here are several game-changing features that this tool will help you with…

1.) Lead Follow-Up

2.) Cross-Selling on auto-pilot

3.) Lack of time + creativity (biggest one in my opinion)

4.) Opportunity + Commission Tracking (sales pipeline is great)

5.) Customer Communication (two-way text messaging feature is awesome)

6.) Task + Opportunity Management on steroids

These are just a few ways this tool can help an agency. There is a lot more on their product development roadmap, and they are adding updates about twice a week, so this is a software company that means business, and truly wants to help agencies solve their biggest automation headaches.

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I strongly recommend signing up for a trial of Better Agency and seeing for yourself, how it will impact your agency. If you’re interested in giving this tool a try, be sure to use the coupon code: AE50

Here’s a demo of this awesome tool:

YouTube video

Be sure you watch the demo above, and if you have questions, feel free to drop a comment below or hit them up on social!

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