Breaking through your barrier to entry

Why did you first get into the business?

Chances are that making a lot of money was an early motivator.  I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s much more difficult than originally anticipated.

Here’s the good part: that’s a great thing.

There’s a little something called barrier to entry.  This is essentially the upfront crap you have to push through in order to be successful.  Many underestimate just how large this barrier is.

The marketplace isn’t going to reward you for just simply deciding you want to make a lot of money.  Hell, everyone wants to do that.  The marketplace is going to make sure you’re serious about this.

The marketplace is a living, breathing being.  The marketplace is you.  Think about it: who do you want to work with?

Since you are reading this now and considering taking your business to the next level, I’d assume you want to work with the absolute best.

The absolute best has put their time in.  The absolute best isn’t a one-hit wonder that figured out just this morning that they’d try this out.  The absolute best has proved to the marketplace that they aren’t going anywhere.

Except up.

It’s time to level up and dominate

If you’re serious about making it in this business, take a long hard look in the mirror.

Stop pretending.  Don’t rely on others to make it happen for you.  It’s your career and the marketplace is watching.

Give it something good to watch.  While the marketplace is cruel to some, it rewards those who impress it.

Your website is just a piece of your strategy.  Oh, lest I forget, your goal isn’t to compete in this marketplace.

No, that’s reserved for the mediocre.  That’s reserved for the people willing to work just hard enough to feel like their working.

Competing will get you killed in this marketplace.

Your goal is very simple: dominate.

At Advisor Evolved, we share this passion.  We’ve been in, and remain in, the same trenches you wake up to each day.

Chances are you’re afraid of making a financial commitment to someone because they’re not as passionate about success as you.

Well, we feel the same way.  The only way our business will thrive is by adding more value than we take in payment.  Also, the only way we dominate is by helping you do the same.

We’re not a do-it-for-you service.  No one is.  Why would you want that?

Remember, the marketplace is watching.

If your goal is to outsource every possible thing in your business to the person charging the least per hour: the marketplace will know it.

Even more, you’ll know it.  It’s your message and career on the line.  Not some person in a distant call center reading from a script.

To this point, maybe you’ve wandered aimlessly in your business with no solid goal.  That’s ok, most people do.

But, your goal isn’t to be most businesses.  Your goal is much crueler than that.

Your goal is to put your competition out of business. Your goal is to fill your sales funnel with their prospects, begging to talk to you.  Your goal isn’t to compete with them: it’s to completely dominate them.

Welcome aboard. We’ve created this platform especially with you in mind. We know who we want to work with, and truth be told we’re not looking for average agents or advisors as clients.

Let’s prove to the marketplace that your insurance agency or investment firm a force to be reckoned with.

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