Isn’t it time your firm flipped the switch?

Picture opening your inbox and having people asking to meet with you.

Picture your voicemail flooded with consumers begging to get on your schedule.

This is probably very different then what your reality is today.  Chances are today you’ve opened your inbox only to find no one there.

The prospect you’ve been chasing for weeks has finally stopped reading your emails all together.  Your number has been saved as “do not answer” on their phone.

This is the position of weakness.  This is the position of the typical financial services professional.

What do those above you say?

Here’s a phonebook, start at A and don’t quit until Z.  That’s what I did.

Good luck with that.

I doubt those dominating your sector are going to resort to that.  And why should they?  Their inboxes are filled with your prospects.  The person you’ve called countless times begging for an appointment is begging them for an appointment.

Instead of you.

Your goal isn’t to prospect.  Your goal is to position yourself as the authority in your space.

Prospecting is smiling and dialing and hoping to get lucky.  Prospecting is bothering people as they walk by you on the street as you hand them your business card.

Isn’t it time you flipped the switch?

Become the pursued, not the pursuer.

Become the person that consumers are seeking out for advice.  When you visualize your business, what do you see?

Chances are you don’t see yourself knocking on every door in your town.  Chances are you don’t see yourself begging people to let you buy them a cup of coffee.

Ask a simple question to yourself before you go into work: what am I doing today to make this happen?

Are you a force online?  Are your articles being published?  Do you have original content that you put out for people to read?  Do you have a tribe of followers hanging on your every word?

If you’re not, take heart.  Most people aren’t.

You don’t want to be most people though do you?  Do you want to be mediocre or a household name?

You know where you want to go, you’re just not sure how to get there. We can help. We’re not going to do it for you because we can’t. Sorry.

If you were waiting for an “A’Ha” moment reading this that would solve all of your problems then you should stop reading.

Open your phonebook and start dialing.  Don’t burn the bridges too much with the people you talk to you though.  You’ll probably be trying to sell them something else next month.

For those who are tired of accepting mediocrity as the way it will always be, you’ve come to the right place.

Advisor Evolved is about equipping you with the tools and maybe more importantly, the mindset that it takes to dominate. Our goal is to put every other similar business and company to ours out of business.

If you’re on the fence about making a commitment: resonate on this.

We just got off of the phone with your competition. They’re fired up to get started. They have a team full of hungry people that are ready to blow this thing out of the water.  They have dozens of original articles written and are aiming them directly at your prospects. They’ve just finished their website and have it optimized for the world to see.

They have you in their crosshairs.

If that scares the hell out of you, it should.

While you can’t stop your competition from taking action, you can control the next actions you take.

If you’re ready to stop wishing your business was filled with inbound prospects and start making that a reality: let’s talk.

The only cure for worry is massive, massive amounts of action.

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