Traffic: The Key Ingredient Needed to Generate Online Insurance Leads

One of the things I love talking about the most here on the blog and podcast is lead generation for insurance agencies.

When I talk to agents about developing a new website, one of the most common questions they always ask when they’re kicking the tires is, “how many leads do your sites typically get?”

It’s as if people judge a website solely on the premise of it generating leads, and that’s all they care about. That’s the wrong way to look at things. Honestly, I’m surprised that so many people view their website through this lens because a website is about much more than generating leads.

While this is a sensible question to ask on the surface, there’s one major thing people are forgetting when it comes to lead generation.


As the web developer/designer, our job is to provide you with a technically sound, fast, and well built website that’s designed in a way that will help people take action when they visit the site.

What many people completely fail to realize is, in order for there to be a lead, there must first be traffic.

Even the best, most expensive website in the world is not going to reach out and pull people out of their chair to look at your website. A website itself is not going magically make people look at it or go to it. It’s simply a stationary object.

Sure, there are some things that can be done by us with the on-page SEO to improve a website’s visibility, but that alone is not enough to drive consistent traffic.

There’s no other way to say this, but you are the one who is responsible for generating traffic, and if you don’t do anything, you should have a more realistic expectation when it comes to how many leads you expect your website to generate.

I’ve mentioned it before that you are the most important variable in generating leads, not your website.

If it sounds like I’m preaching here, I kind of am, in a nice way of course.

Here’s the podcast episode for more:

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