Ready to Learn Some SEO?

Our DIY SEO mini-course is launching soon! We built this course specifically for independent insurance agency owners to help you cut through the fluff, buzz words, and confusion, to get you up and running with some quick SEO wins today! Register for access below and you'll be notified before anyone else when the course is ready!

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SEO Mini Course Modules

Local SEO Domination

Learn how to position your agency and agency website in the Google Local 3-Pack as well as Google Maps so local consumers find your site easier and find it first.

SEO Copywriting

Any educated SEO will tell you that to do SEO the right way, you must create in-depth content that answers questions. We’ll show you how to create content that ranks.

Link Building 101

Did you know that backlinks make up about 80% of Google’s overall ranking algorithm? They are that important. We’ll show you how to pick some low hanging fruit

Build your book Brand and authority online with an awesome agency website