In an industry where money follows trust, having a fresh, up-to-date corporate identity is an absolute necessity for your independent firm or agency.

After all, consumers do business with brands that they know and trust.

It’s exactly why people buy name brand products, even though there are less costly alternatives that do the same exact thing. People pay a premium when they know and/or trust the company behind it.

What many agency and firm owners don’t realize though is that not only are they being compared to their peers by potential customers, they’re also being compared to other companies in completely different industries.

Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Starbucks who have a much larger marketing budget to create and drive home their brand and customer experience. This is why it’s crucial that your brand can communicate with a larger audience and why we’ve created a branding package just for you.

What’s included?

At Advisor Evolved, we want to make sure that you’re represented in the best light possible, which is why in addition to our website and marketing packages, we also offer an agency/firm branding bundle.

This branding bundle is comprised of the following services and terms:

  • Professional Logo re-design/re-fresh (maximum 3 revisions)
  • Business card & Letterhead design with new logo
  • Custom Social media profile banner images (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Branded referral flyers to hand to referral sources (maximum 3; i.e. realtor, lender, CPA)

The cost of the branding bundle is $3200, and is put together in-house, by the Advisor Evolved design team.

We will ensure that your branding is beautifully executed, modern, and above all, appropriate for your agency or firm.

Collectively, our team has decades of experience working at places like New York ad agencies, and running successful creative agencies, so we have seen the power of successful branding at work for our clients first hand.

We know what works and what doesn’t, and how to gain the respect of your audience from the very first impression.

Examples of actual client branding done by our team:











Success isn’t attained with a new logo though

At Advisor Evolved, we’ve worked with a lot of agencies. We understand the pain points that insurance agency owners have, not just from talking to them and consulting them, but because we’ve experienced them first hand as well.

Things are changing folks.

In order to run a successful insurance agency in the digital era, you need to understand how to craft a unique experience for your customers, communicate on their terms, and be able to pivot your brand and align yourself with the purchasing patterns of the modern consumer.

The problem is, many insurance agents don’t know where to begin. That’s why in addition to our logo creation services, we offer hands-on branding and marketing consulting.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Comprehensive Agency Audit
  • Branding, Marketing, and Digital Strategies
  • Strategy Installation/Implementation
  • Face-to-face Coaching + Accountability

The cost of the consulting package is $4700, and is a 6 week program that will help you get past roadblocks that have been blocking success so you can grow your agency.


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Once you make your purchase, we’ll send you instructions on your next steps so we can move forward and deliver to you the brand identity and/or consulting package that will help you and your agency reach heights that you may have not thought possible.