Choose Your Design

When it comes to building your new agency website, we’ve taken the time consuming (and expensive) design process out of the equation by meticulously developing several extremely modern, sleek, turn-key designs for you ahead of time.

Premium Pro

Premium Pro is a clean, impactful design with diagonal touches that really stand out.

Premium Pro Demo

Advisor Pro

A clean, flexible design that fits any insurance agency's branding and style.

Advisor Pro Demo

Conversion Pro

A modern, contemporary design with flexible features and repeatable layout sections.

Conversion Pro Demo

Agency Pro

Agency Pro brings the impactful styles of Instagram filters to your agency website.

Agency Pro Demo

How Does a Conversion Optimized Design Land Me More Clients?

If you’ve never dealt with freelancers before and you’re not familiar with the typical web development process, you should be, well,……thankful. There are typically wireframes and mockups that need to be created, and decisions need to be made about every little thing imaginable.

It’s a process that can often take several months, sometimes over a year to complete, especially when the client is limited on time, staffing and an understanding of how it all works.

You don’t have to worry about that here though 🙂

That’s because we’ve rigorously tested and researched through heat-map technology, case studies, private user sessions, and data from actual client websites, to see which layouts, design elements, and features lead to higher conversions.

Each design you see above is SEO optimized and built with a visual hierarchy that promotes maximum user engagement and credibility. Every design includes psychological triggers that a website must have to turn cold traffic into lead opportunities.

This is important for two main reasons:

1.) You have less than 3 seconds on average to capture someones attention. People have very short attention spans online

2.) Your website needs to serve 3 different visitor-personas (that all of our designs account for)

  • Someone who found you from a online search who wants a quote or more information from you (cold traffic)
  • Someone who already knows you and needs help or a policy change (existing client or customer)
  • Someone who has heard of you and is kicking the tires before engaging you for a quote or other services (referral who is kicking the tires)

If you could use two words to describe our design philosophy they would be clarity and purposeful. We include everything an insurance agency website needs, and nothing they don’t.

A recent Stanford University study of 2600 respondents showed that a website’s design/layout is the single biggest credibility factor to a visitor:

insurance websites

With Advisor Evolved, there is no fluff, or unnecessary features that distract visitors and kill conversions.

Choosing your design

Take a good look at the designs above and decide which one you’d like us to provision your new site with. Each design has multiple page styles including our in-built Landing Page creator, so you can create and customize your content very easily. This will all be explained to you after the site goes live.

To take it a step further, we also have a custom layout engine (same as our Landing Page builder) built into each design, so if you want to get your hands dirty, you can create custom page layouts yourself all by dragging and dropping elements from the front end of your website. Trust me, it’s very cool, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Note: The custom layout functionality is not available for the home page of the design though, as this is the most important page of your site, and has been intentionally laid-out with very strict purposes in mind.

Important Notice: You cannot mix and match features from the various designs (or other websites) into one design. For all intents and purposes, what you see is what you get in terms of the structure, sections, and other design elements. If you don’t see a slider, rotating logos, or some other feature, it’s because we have found that it negatively impacts conversions, and is not part of the design.

Colors, fonts, images, content/verbiage, and menu items can all be changed though, so you’ll want to use your imagination as to what each design would look like with your branding. **If you pick one design and decide you want to change to another one after the setup is complete you will incur an additional setup charge to re-provision the site.